Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogging Bulimia

I've spent the entire morning trying to catch up my blog on the happenings of our family over the past 2 months. I am so linear, I tried to go back and put the posts in chronological order. However, in doing so with the assistance of my calendar, I am realizing how many more things there are write about. So here are a few highlights that won't merit posts of their own at this time.

1. Dan's Knee Surgery

On September 9th, Dan had a tumor removed from the back side of his knee. The tumor was discovered originally as a mass blocking the MRI pictures that were to determine if knee replacement was necessary. Only as they got into his knee to remove the mass, did they discover this almond-sized tumor. They removed it and cleaned up some torn cartilage. It was determined that he doesn't need total knee replacement at this time, just partial. So for now we wait and try to determine the least intrusive time to have it done.

2. Books

I had a goal this summer to read 5 books, and as of last week, I did it. I know it isn't exactly summer anymore, but these books bear mentioning. First I jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon. I thoroughly enjoyed these books. They were a fast read, action packed, and well written. I'm an adolescent literature junkie, so I'm not surprised that I enjoyed them.

My former Mountain Ridge colleagues and I perpetuate the nerdy English teacher stereotype by having book club once a month. In June, we read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand , a charming little romance about an old British soldier's second chance at love and about overcoming cultural perceptions. Most recently, we read The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbury about a concierge in an elegant Parisian hotel. This was a delightful book. It is beautifully written and profound. I've marked more passages in the book than I can count. Not sure how I feel about the ending, but definitely worth my time. Makes me want to speak French again...

3. 4.0!

This summer I spent 4 nights a week in class with these dudes:

"Uncle Cliffy"

and "Buddy"

Uncle Cliffy taught us about curriculum and what an acid trip was like in the 60's (somehow there was a link to curriculum). Buddy lead us out of the proverbial cave and discussed all things pertaining to educational philosophy. It was one of my favorite semesters, maybe because it was a much needed break from writing papers and making presentations. I managed to complete the 5th of 7 grad school semesters with my 4.0 in tact. Even though Uncle Cliffy and Buddy both renounce the whole concept of G.P.A., I'm still proud of it!

4. Pioneer Crossing

Pioneer Crossing is the new road that provides a quick route from American Fork to Saratoga Springs. It also happens to be right behind the houses at the end of my street. I've prepared a Haiku to record my thoughts:

Construction was lame,
Driving is much quicker now,
Road kill abounds.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll do a much better job in the future of documenting our story while it is happening rather than much after the fact...


  1. I love all these postings!! Also I am pretty sure you have the worlds most darling, precious and sassy little girls! I also thoroughly enjoyed the Hunger Games... even if they were written for 14 year olds...

    Great idea to have a rock star party and I love your new TV stand... pretty much I just loved everything...

  2. That haiku was deep man, real deep. Not nerdy at all.

  3. Oh my!! How do I even cover all the material?? That probably took you as long to write it as it took me to comment on it! But, seeing as you don't care about comments....
    First thought....isabels eye mask is genius.
    Second did we get old enough where you're posting about your FOURTH and FIRST graders? They really are insanely adorable.
    Third thought... You're really smart and have way nicer pillows than me.
    Last, I'm with Annie on the haiku. Mmmm

  4. Oh..and perhaps you haven't yet learned blog comment etiquette....
    hint. hint.

  5. I am also a adolescent book lover! I've got 23 pages left in book #2 and then I'll get them back to you. By the way, Uncle Cliffy and Buddy look like some real studs. Wish I could be in class with you... sounds like like a punch in the face... but to each his own :)

  6. Were the Hunger Games REALLY for 14 yr olds? Wow... I so got into those books!! Maybe we're just all young at heart. I hope Dan is doing ok.